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flower girl dress color?

I have two flower girls, one is 9 and the other is 2.  I bought the 9 yr. old a pink dress (to match the BM dresses) so that she would feel kind of like a jr. BM.  My MIL just told me she bought the 2 yr old a light pink dress as well, which is a size too big, too light of a pink, and has silver (which is nowhere in the wedding).  She didn't tell me about it until after she bought it (she had to because it was on sale *rolls eyes*) and I feel rude telling her to take it back.  Do you think it will look out of place to have both flower girls wearing pink instead of white?  What should I do about the dress my MIL bought?
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Re: flower girl dress color?

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    I hate putting small children in white for that miniature bride look.  Pink is a perfect little girl color.  If you loathe the dress, you need to have an alternative and you need to chat with your MIL.  It will be a difficult conversation.   If you don't loathe the dress, consider carefully if this is where you want to battle.  
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    Personally, I prefer putting little girls in white and only white for purity reasons. However I have seen little girls in colors and they look so freakin cute. I wouldn't worry about it. There are other things to stress over. Like is this a sign that your MIL is going to try and take control of certain things without your permission (unless she's the one paying for the wedding; then etiquette is entirely in her hands.) Just something to keep in the back of your mind.
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    I agree. I am also not a fan of the mini bride thing. I prefer the flowergirls in a color dress.
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