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Lace dress with birdcage veil?

So, here's my dress:
Except my sash is paper white. Its a gorgeous, slightly vintage looking dress and I love it.
I'm also in love with the idea of wearing a birdcage veil on my wedding day, but I've been getting some mixed reviews from people about it, especially from my mom. So what do you guys think? Do birdcage veils look good with lace dresses? Or would it be too much? I guess I'm just torn between wearing something trendy and fun, or being safe. Let me know what you think! Thanks.

Re: Lace dress with birdcage veil?

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    I LOVE your dress! very chic!

    I think a birdcage veil would be perfect with it. It's funny because I'm actually looking for that type of veil myself an my mom is the one that keeps giving me negative feedback.

    I think birdcage veils are super glamorous and modern, and moms just don't get them lol. I say go for it! Good luck!
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    I think it would look great, as would a fascinator alone. You could always wear a veil for the ceremony and leave the fascinator in place for the reception.
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    The mixed reviews might be because birdcage veils are one of those things that people either love or they are just not their style.  There are some great fascinators on etsy with flowers, feathers and the type of netting used in birdcage veils.  If you're worried about it being too much, a great fascinator could be a good compromise.
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    I love a birdcage, and I find it so funny people call it modern- it's actually CLASSIC!
    I think a birdcage would be lovely with your dress.

    I'm planning on a birdcage veil as this is my second wedding (I'm a young widow), and my FI's first.
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    Well, I'm a bit biased because what you're describing is the *exact* look I had wanted for my own wedding. But I say totally go for it!

    I did wear a birdcage veil, but ultimately my dress was not lace. But I loved, loved, loved my veil.

    Here's a girl from the retro and vintage board who did lace/birdcage:

    Tell me she deosnt look amazing =)
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    rcfjddrcfjdd member
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    Love your dress! I think it would look fine. Im personally not into that kind of veil but I think that it would look good with that dress.
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    Thanks for your tips and support! I feel alot more confident about getting a birdcage veil now :D
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