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STAY AWAY from Khajana Boutique (NJ)!!!

Hello All!
I am an Indian bride getting married in 2 weeks!  So excited!  Except that I have not yet received my dress from our shop!!!  I didn't know where else to post this to warn future Indian brides to STAY AWAY from Khajana Boutique in Iselin NJ!!!  They had some nice pieces when I visit 5 months ago, in April. I fell in love with one particular one, except that it was not the color I wanted.  Salesperson promised they could have the piece made into the color of my choic by end of June-early July.  She guaranteed it!  Unfortunately not on paper :(  We paid the full price up front!  $3000!!!  She stated that the designers would only work on it if it were paid in full upfront.  Mid July, I took a week of vacation to travel back to the store (because I live in Missouri), for a fitting, after calling to confirm that it would be ready.  Dress did not arrive.  They shipped it to us 2-3 weeks later, only for me to discover that it didn't fit, despite taking my EXACT measurements!  We had returned it by Express mail.  After alterations, they sent it back (now 2 weeks before the wedding!!).....but to the wrong address... in a tattered box... with dress not even protected in a plastic bag to protect it from the elements!!!  $3000 dress is treated like a piece of crap in a torn box AND sent to the wrong place!!!  I have no way of trying it on or even having it altered by my local seamstress!!!

I would STRONGLY reccomend you not using their services.  And if you do, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful and protect your self!  Start early.  Don't ask for a custom piece.  And if you do, start even earlier and travel directly to the shop.  DO NOT do business with them over mail!

All my non-Indian friends, when they pay this much for a dress, their clothes are delivered or picked up in well protected dress bags.  I am SO stressed!!! And the wedding is in 2 weeks!!!
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