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Anyone else NOT having tux vests that match color of BM dresses?

My older brother lives in NYC, is very GQ/stylish, and says the only thing he abhors more than tuxedo vests are when groomsmen wear "matchy-matchy" tuxedo vests (that coordinate with the color of the bridesmaids' dresses). He says it reminds him of prom! I just assumed we would coordinate, and do a champagne tux for the guys, since my girls were wearing champagne dresses. But, obviously, after hearing a slam like that, I'm second-guessing myself!

After looking up stylish celebrities' tuxes (David Beckham, Brad Pitt, etc.), I noticed that they all wear black or gray vests with the tuxes.....did not see one colored tux!!!! Now I'm considering doing all black for the guys, but I just hope it doesn't look too...I don't know, morbid?! haha

So what are your thoughts on this? Anyone else nixing the matchy-match for black or gray? It seems like virtually EVERYONE is doing the match!! Help!
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