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DSW-Lu Lu Townsend, Deena shoes

So, I fell in love with the Lu Lu Townsend Deena shoes (in berry).
Try to order them online, because the colors don't exist in stores.
They have all the bridesmaids sizes but one...OF COURSE.

So I email DSW customer service, they say they won't be re-stocking until August unless there is a high demand. This was a few days ago.

I looked again today...they're completely sold out in all colors and sizes.
UM, I'm pretty sure that's high demand.

ANYWAY, if any other brides want those shoes but are unable to find them, I urge you to email customer service and express your interest.

Re: DSW-Lu Lu Townsend, Deena shoes

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    I had this happen.. my BMs all wanted a pair of Audrey Brook gold sparkly shoes from DSW and bought them. When i went to buy mine, they were all gone :( I ended up getting a different pair of shoes (royal blue that matched their dresses ) but I was lucky that it was ME that didn't have the shoe and not a random BM.

    I'm sorry that this happened to you.. definitely a bummer. Just keep an eye out for it and keep looking on places like and ya never know. You could end up faling in love with a different pair! 
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    Did you see these?

    They're pretty close, and come in berry.  Just in case DSW doesn't get yours back in, maybe they could be a backup? 
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    Thanks for the heads-up on the shoes. I fell in love with the ivory ones this weekend. Just emailed DSW that I will still be looking for these and ope they get some more in!
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    Thanks for your post about these shoes! I also fell in love with this shoe for myself in the store in the ivory color. However, my heart is set on blue shoes. when doing some researching online I also found out that the shoes come in other colors (like blue) but was sadly disappointed that they were SOLD OUT of that style in all colors. I am debating going back to the store for the ivory and was wondering if they would be getting more in blue...I will definately be emailing customer service about these shoes!!!
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    Thank you ladies! I am hoping the size 6 we previously ordered for one of my out of town bridesmaids will fit her (normally wears 6.5). UGH. So frustrating! If it doesn't I am back to the drawing board!!!
    I mean, it is wedding season, isn't it?!!?! They could be making a fourtune! Seems silly to me that they wouldn't automatically restock.
    Keep the emails going to DSW customer service!
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