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Birdcage or Traditional Veil?

Hi girls!!

I found the dress I think may be the one :) ...but now I can't decide between a traditional veil (arm length) or a birdcage veil with a feather/flower pin on the side.  

The dress is from Pronovias called Gaudi...I'm going to get rid of the assymetrical strap and make it into a sweetheart strapless top.  Here's a link:

What do you girls think?  Birdcage or Veil?!! And if Birdcage...what do you do during the reception and does it get in the way of things?? Thanks!

Re: Birdcage or Traditional Veil?

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    If I was going with that dress, I would go with a traditional fingertip or elbow length veil. 

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    Wow SPECTACULAR dress!!  I think both veils have their pros and cons...
    Tradional veil = i think will bring the softness of the dress to center stage and migh make you feel more like the princess bride... but there is the possibility that you will be hiding some of the dress.

    bircage = i think will showcase the drama of the dress. it wont cover a single detail and give the dress a very modern feel.

    I love both choices and glad i am not in your shoes cause i wouldnt know what to do...

    Post what you decide would love to see the finish look!
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    beautiful dress! i'd go with a traditional veil for sure.

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    i like the idea of birdcage, the neckline and drama of the detailing just says it to me. most people just pull the birdcage up off the eyes and pin it into place so it sits above the eyebrow for the reception. If you did do a veil somthing sleek and at least fingertip legnth in a single layer style (drop or mantilla) would be fabulous.
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    I think I would pick a traditional veil with this dress.

    It is a gorgeous dress. Great selection.
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    I love the idea of a birdcage veil - the dress is so striking, you don't want a veil to take away from it.  Great choice!
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    Hi girsl! Thank you for all your wonderful comments!! You girls are so positive and supportive :) !!

    I am still a little unsure but I might go see if I can wear a veil for the wedding ceremony and then the birdcage for the reception... I need to try more birdcages on I guess since I'm not sure how you would wear it higher on your head/hair so that it doesn't cover your eyes... hmmm....

    Thanks so much girls!! You're all wonderful!
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