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XP: buying bands online

We have a good idea about the rings we want, but the local jeweller is very expensive. I found rings within my budget, from the right thickness and width, on this site:

I usually have no problem ordering stuff online, but I don't feel good about it when it comes to jewelry. Can anyone tell me how to recognize safe online jewelry stores? Would this be a good one to order from?

I also posted this one on the budget board.
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Re: XP: buying bands online

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    Have you considered going on a ring shopping trip?  There is not much where we live, so we went to a bigger city and had lots of options.
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    I'm looking for very classic, plain, domed golden rings. We haven't decided on white or yellow yet. We want 3mm for me and 4mm for FI, thickness of about 1.5 mm. 

    Actually, I live in a fairly big town in Belgium, and the jewellers here ask around 1000 euro for the sets we like, that's about 1300 USD. Of course I want to travel around here, but I'm not really sure where, as many jewellers say on their website that their plain rings all come from the same place, the one that charges that much. I know gold is expensive, but does it have to be that much? I'm in The Netherlands next week, and I will look around there, but I'm not really sure if that will make much of a difference. Independent smiths are giving me quotes in the same price range.

    I think one of the reasons that many US sites offer much cheaper ones is that 14k gold is much more common there than it is in Europe. Most stores here offer 18k only. I haven't completely decided yet, but I think 14k will be enough for us.
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    I did not check on Etsy yet, since I'm not sure about the service from individual sellers, but I guess I could.
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