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To soon to pick a dress?

Hey all!
 I'm internally killing myself over my dress. I haven't ordered one yet, and my wedding isn't untill October of 2011 so I have plenty of time. But I'm kind being pressured to make a decision. I found a beautiful Maggie Saterrio that's within my price range and I can even get it in a gold underlay with a champagne lace over it (i'm toying with this instead of diamond white). But part of me feels like I should know when I find THE dress. I just don't want to order a dress and have regrets as the wedding gets closer... Any help you gals have would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Re: To soon to pick a dress?

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    HinajHinaj member
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    If it is not THE dress, then don't order it because if you end up finding your perfect dress later on.  You will regret your purchase.  Who is pressuring you to make a decision?  It is YOUR wedding, you will be the one making the decisions.
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    Why the pressure?

    You've still got about a year before you have to order the dress in time for an October 2011 wedding. I would shop around some more until you find THE dress. You can probably still find the Maggie if you haven't found another dress when you are ready to make the purchase.
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    This sort of situation is exactly why many brides end up with multiple dresses.
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    a dress taking 15 months is way unusual. I got my Maggie in around 3 months. If you find a dress that you think is THE ONE order it, but if you have doubts wait until closer to the wedding.
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    Wait. .In a year and a half with all the planning and shopping you are bound to come across something else and question yourself, or change your style. And if you dont, you can still get the dress, right?
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