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Which updo hair style should I choose?

I can't decide to choose the first or the third style among these pictures. Help!!!

See the pictures:

Re: Which updo hair style should I choose?

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    hmmm they were all very nice, I liked picture seven the most which wasn't on your list... sorry
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    Thanks, I like the number 7 too:) It's very simple and elegant. Decisions, dicisions.......
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    It is hard to say which would be best suited for your face and style of dress. I do agree that 7 has a unique look. It is casual and elegant at the same time.

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    Of your choices I like 8. However, of all those pics, the two I like the best are 2 and 7. :-)

    It's hard to choose, but it depends on your dress, the shape of your face, the "style" you are going for and what you are wearing on your head (veil, tiara, headband, fascinator...etc).

    Good luck!

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    Oops- meant to vote for style 1, clicked 3 instead. Just an FYI.

    I think they're all pretty nice, but style 6 looks more "harsh" than the rest-- the other ones you chose seem looser or more romantic, whereas 6 looks more elegant and formal.  Depends on which feel you're going for!
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    I'm no help because I really like the 2nd hairstyle. I would say #1, but I can't see the back.


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    They're all unique, but I like three best.
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