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Did you buy your dress on eBay? Share your experience!

I've gone to four different bridal shops over the past month, and discovered that the dresses I love are heavy on embroidery and beading. This means, of course, that they're more expensive than simple dresses. My favorite designer, Private Label by G, has dresses with a lot of intricate work. But at the bridal salons, the dresses all run over $1,000.

I know exactly the type of dress I want and am seriously considering just buying the dress on eBay and having it altered by a good seamstress. I would only consider buying it from a store with a 99%+ positive rating. But my FSIL and friends think it's a bad idea to trust something so important to eBay.

Please share your stories (good and bad) from buying your dress on eBay. Are there any sellers to avoid or that you would recommend?

Re: Did you buy your dress on eBay? Share your experience!

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    I am actually considering it right now!
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    The dress that's in my siggy picture I bought on ebay, I bought it from a person that was just randomly selling it.  It was exactly what I wanted.

    If you buy your dress, just make sure that you are purchasing from a reputable seller and you know what they are buying, if you're not sure ask questions.
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    I bought a 2nd dress after realizing my first dress (bought at Alfred Angelo) wasn't for me. I bought a Casablanca 1860. It is perfect! I bought it from a bridal salon in Oregon. The dress was a sample in the shop and had been tried on. It was clean and perfect! I was the MOH in a wedding last year and the bride also bought her dress of ebay and had a great experience. I think it is great if the seller has a postive feedback rating. AND, the Casablanca I bought was only $250.00 (sells for $800). I would say GO FOR IT!
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    I'm also currently shopping for a dress and am considering ebay.  The book "Bridal Bargains" recommended ebay, as long as the seller has positive feedback, etc.  I'm planning to find the ebay dresses in a "real" store so I can see them in person and try them on; and you almost always need to have them ordered and/or altered anyway, whether you buy in a "real" store or online, so that part isn't a huge factor..

    good luck on your dress search!
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    I bought my dress from ebay.  It was worn once and dry cleaned afterwards, the woman sent me the dry cleaning slip.  I'm happy as a clam about the experience.  She had good feedback and we talked quite a bit via email before actually buying the dress.

    You can also check out or the trash to treasure board.  Craigslist is an option, but as always I'd be wary about going to someone's house alone.
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    I think ebay is fine, just avoid the companies who copy designer dresses.  A lot of people have had bad experiences with them. 
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    There are a lot of good bridal shops that are online.  Try, and and all have great prices.  You can save there, Ebay has many copy sites that do not carry real companie's gowns.
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