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Veil that matches Alfred Angelo 2166?

I am getting married in June outside wearing the Alfred Angelo style 2166 dress in ivory and I cannot decide if a veil will be too much. The dress has a lot of bling and sparkles. Any suggestions? Thanks! :)

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Re: Veil that matches Alfred Angelo 2166?

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    Like the dress :-)  I don't think a veil would be too much.  You might not even wear a veil the whole time anyway.

    I could see maybe a simple veil with a thin corded edge, at least maybe fingertip length or even longer like cathedral length.  A sparkly headband or fascinator might tie together well with that dress and you could still have something in your hair even if you don't wear a veil, or don't wear a veil the whole time.
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    You can wear a simple wedding veil. It would be very beautiful.
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