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Picking Outfits for Tennis-inspired Engagement Pics

Though my FI and I met at work (lifeguarding at a private club), it was our mutual love of tennis that really got our relationship going. Our plan is to have our engagement pics taken at the nicest outdoor courts in my home town, one month from now. We were thinking about wearing traditional all-white tennis attire, but it says here ( to avoid head-to-toe black or white clothing. Does that mean a white tanktop, tennis skirt, and shoes will be too much white on me? Or will my bare arms and legs break it up sufficiently? Would having both of us in white be way too much? This was my original pick for a skirt, to be paired with a white racerback top:

Here is an alternative top and bottom with some black accents:

Maybe my FI could do a white polo shirt with black shorts? Is that too black and white? Our tennis racquets will add some colour.

I would love to hear some input! Here is a photo of us so you know what we look like...I think we both look pretty awesome in white, black, and also red...

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