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the knot has me mad

i am mad that all my favorites for this site are gone and that there is no customer service to bug out on. all my months of planning were erased. i'm pissed.

Re: the knot has me mad

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    I save all my favorites and ideas in a draft in my gmail account that way I can access and update them anywhere.

    Sorry for your frustration!
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    it will probably come back.. give it a couple days
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:15Discussion:4e3128a8-304e-412e-ad96-73ec5a4514eePost:1b924f99-9b90-4964-bf23-b1133e7c0eaa">Re: the knot has me mad</a>:
    [QUOTE]My analog  $3 binder from Target is still intact.
    Posted by AFP07[/QUOTE]

    LOL  Nice.  I made an "analog" binder too. :)
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    I also have a binder :)
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    thank you so much to u and everyone else that gave me advice. ty
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