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Orange Peep Toe- help!?

Hi girls!  Does anyone know where these shoes are from??  I found them under Orange Weddings and I hate to steal someone else's style, but I've fallen completely in love with them. I would love to know where to find them- help!! 

Re: Orange Peep Toe- help!?

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    They're very similar to J. Crew's Daniela, but I'm having trouble finding a pair for sale...

    Edit: These are the J. Crew Daniela satin flats. But they're from 2008 or 2009, and nobody's selling at the moment. What size are you?

    Edit again: Could you buy these dyeables and then get them dyed orange?
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    Thanks so much!  The jcrew ones are so similiar!  If I can't find them in my 6.5, then I think I will look at trying dyeables- and thank you- I had not even thought to try out dyeables!  I just checked out a website that has the exact burnt orange color I've been looking for and a few cute styles.  My fiance is not much taller than me so I'll need something relatively flat.. thanks again!!
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    I purchased peep toe shoes on clearance from myglassslipper. I had them dyed orange and they came out fantastic! Hth!
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    Awesome- thank you!!  Myglassslipper has such cute styles- thanks for the ref, I'd never heard of them before.
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