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when do I order my dress

I officially have 208 days before my wedding (July 28th). I know what dress I want but I don't want to over spend on alterations because I plan to lose at least 30 more pounds. When do you suggest I order?

Re: when do I order my dress

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    Ask the bridal store you are planning to purchase your dress from but mine suggested having at least 4-6 months ahead of time just to be safe!

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    I would check with the store/designer to see how long it typically takes. I think it depends on where its coming from.
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    I was asking the same thing a while ago.  Most ladies said it took at least 6 months to come in.  Then I asked my local stores (being that the average enagement was only 3 months in Utah) and they said dresses come in much quicker.  Best to call and ask!
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    I think you should order it a month before your wedding. It is to be safe that the dress you will wearing will still fit on your actual wedding day.
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