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Re: News:Wedding Dresses destroyed

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    If its true that it was done out of spite, that's just sad!
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    I've told a few people this already, but here's my thoughts: They can do whatever they want with them. Was it wasteful? Yes. Is it wrong? No. They owned the dresses, they can spray paint them if they want to. It's no different than if I bought a dress (or dresses if I were rich) and spray painted them for the hell of it. A PP wedding is a luxury. The dress, the music, the food, the lights... it's all luxury. You don't need a big poufy $4,000 gown to get married. Your wedding dress is what you wear when you get married. I could NEVER afford a Vera Wang. Hell, I can't even afford a Maggie Sortero, but guess what? I'm happy with what I have and above all I'm happy just marrying the man I love.
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    This doesn't surprise me at all and I doubt it was done out of spite.  I've heard that employees from Coach are required to destroy purses that have small defects (they can't even take them home).  Coach won't sell them at a discounted price because they want to uphold their exclusive image.  This is just hearsay so I could be wrong about Coach, but other high-end product manufacturers probably do the same thing.  If these gowns were "used" (i.e. trying-on gowns rather than brand new) I could see the company considering them defective.
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    I guess it is their choice what to do with the dresses.  It does suck though that they thought to destroy them rather than give them to a charity or a place where they could be used.  
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    Hello ladies,

    As a POB bride, I don't understand the outrage over this and agree with MilkDuds and other PPs. I've read a few articles that seem to spin this story as one of wanton greed on the part of the company. It's not like these high-end gowns were taken out of the salons one day and arbitrarily destroyed. POB announced their closure back in August. The company held at least three massive warehouse sales in Boston where these couture wedding gowns were selling for up to 90% off. All POB salons were also selling their inventory at 50-75% off for the past five months. I found my dream gown at the second warehouse sale; it originally retailed at over $3,000 and I bought it for $300. In trying to  liquidate as much stock as possible, I think POB acted as a blessing to many brides, such as myself, who may not have been able to afford a POB gown. When over 1500 brides showed up to the warehouse sale I went to in October, the staff stayed open well past the posted hours so everyone who waited in line (many of us waited for 5-7 hours) could have an opportunity to find their gown. Did POB make money off these sales? Absolutely. But the company also helped many brides find their dream gowns.

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