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something old...

So what are you ladies doing for something old? my parents did the courthouse wedding so i dont have anything i can use for this...nor actually do i have anything borrowed thinking about it

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    Your something old doesn't have to be from your parents wedding.  My MIL gave em a vintage hanky with my new last name initial on it for my something old.
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    Mine is a string of pearls handed down from my grandmother.
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    My earrings are made from vintage glass chandelier peices from a vendor on etsy

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    what is this etsy i keep hearing about?
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    I think I'm gonna wear my mother-in-law's veil... but if I don't like it, I'm gonna wear her sapphire ring either way.  It's perfect, cause it's 28 years old, my FI's age, because his father gave it to his mother as a present when he was born.  So, it's old, blue, and has sentimental value!  My parents don't have anything since they had a super casual wedding and my mom barely got dressed up.  
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    Ask around in your family. Perhaps an aunt or grandmother, or someone in your fiance's family has something you can borrow that's old.
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    My something old is the little plastic doves my parents used on their wedding cake. They got married 35 years ago, so it means a lot to me. I was having a hard time trying to figure out how i could incorporate them into the wedding, and then I realized how to. I will put all but one dove on my bird cage(for cards which i made myself) and then have one on my bouquet so it will actually be around for the ceremony.

    Something borrowed- My best friends ring bearer pillow and flower girl basket.
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    My something old is my grandmothers hankerchief and my other grandmothers garter that she wore in her wedding!
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    OK - this may sound dumb but I'm using my 'sixpence in my shoe" as my old, too.

    Old - a real Sixpence
    New - dress!
    Borrowed - nothing yet
    Blue - Garter or perhaps a ribbon around the sixpence
    Sixpence in my shoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: something old...</a>:
    [QUOTE]what is this etsy i keep hearing about?
    Posted by caseylynne21[/QUOTE]

    It's a website where vendors sell what I consider homemade unique items. Ive been able to find a lot of stuff for the wedding on there as well as gifts in general.

    This is a link to the lady I bought my earrings from. She was fabulous to work with!

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    my something old is a rosary that is my birthstone that I am tying around my bouquet.  My borrowed is jewelry from my grandmother and great grandmother.  You could borrow something from a close friend or if your FI has a sibiling, borrow something from them.  You can always tie something underneath your dress if its like a ribbon or something.  My SIL "borrowed" some perfume from her aunt.   She didn't have anything either but found something day of!
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