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when to buy my dress?

My wedding is about a year and a half away, but I have found a dress that I love (and my friends love it too).  Is it too early to buy my dress?  I'm worried that if I wait too long to get my dress  it will become too stressful...

Can I buy my dress now and just wait to have it altered???

Thanks for any advice...

Re: when to buy my dress?

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    I would wait, but that's because I'm really prone to changing my mind.  I bought my dress about 8 months out and I've still been having doubts like crazy.  I would definitely change my mind if I bought it 18 months out.
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    Just my personal opinion is that it totally depends. Since I won't be ordering a dress from a salon, I recently moved the "buy dress" deadline to 4 months before the wedding. That's when I'll either have to just-choose-something from ebay/preowned... or take my grandmother's wedding dress to a dressmaker for serious alterations.

    If I were ordering from a salon, I'd go with theknot's 12-months-out rule, to be safe, 'cause I like to err on the safe side with deadlines.

    I hate making decisions so much I don't think second-guessing is a problem for me.
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    I bought mine 11 months before the wedding (i.e. last may).  It came in late January.  I loved it even more than when I tried on the sample.  I'm waiting until late April to do alterations.  Just keep in mind that it can take 6-7 months sometimes to get your dress in and about a month (or less) to do alterations. 
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    I'm buying mine in about a month, and my wedding isn't until July 2013! 
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    I am buying mine 10-11 days! My wedding is 7 months & 3 weeks away. If you are sure you love it then I would not wait too long to have it ordered. I wish I could have already ordered mine but I have to wait for a paycheck lol. You should ask the store how long it will take to have ordered, made, and shipped. which you should allow at least a few months and sometimes longer depending on the dress then alterations can take around a month or so & you will still want a little time just in case your alterations dont turn out perfect and some last minute touch ups need to be done.
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    I work at a bridal salon and we normally recommend brides buy their dress 7-9 months before their wedding. There are pros and cons to your situation. Firstly, if you love the dress and wait to purchase it, the designer might discontinue it and leave you out of luck and sad :(... On the other hand, if you purchase the dress now and something else you like MORE comes out next season or the season after you might be disappointed in your original purchase. 

    In my opinion, if you love it buy it. But if you do, DON'T go looking for wedding dresses ifs, ands, or buts. And don't look at wedding dress magazines. Just live in the bliss of the dress you've already purchased. 
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    I agree with PP. I got my dress about 14 months before my wedding (I got it either end of Jan or beginning of Feb and I'm not getting married till April 2013, if you love it then go for it but wait to get it altered. But if you do get it like PP said that its, stop looking or you will start to stress about whether your decision was the right one and start seconding guessing you're dress.

    I do cheat and look at wedding magazines with dresses but I havent found anything that compares to what I picked out.

    Good luck! =)

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    Thanks for the advice ladies...

    I'm going to buy the dress, I just can't take the stress of looking any more and the tought of going in to try on dresses again is just too much for me. 

    I appericate all of your comments and advice. 

    Nicol :)
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