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Wedges with cropped hubby pants? EDITED with PIP

I have a wedding party to go to this weekend and also an outdoor art fest with my mom and the boys.  I want to look cute but comfortable as well.Because i am 1st trimester mother.  I was planning on wearing my denim hubby pants that are cropped - I roll them though so they are cropped length (if that makes any sense at all sorry I can't describe it better).  I was wondering if it would look right to wear wedges with it? 

If so what kind of shirt?  I just usually wear a tee - either print or solid but was wondering if I needed something more flowy than fitted?  I have a top from Anthro from last season - it's not loose but it isn't as fitted as my JCrew tees either.  I also have a striped tee from Gap. 

The wedges are Steve Madden but I can't remember the style name - got them last year from Zappos and I think they are 4 inches?  But not sure.  Super comfortable to wear though, so it's just a question of wedges with cropped pants and if yes then what kind of shirt?  Thanks.

Here's a PIP -

Still a yes?

Re: Wedges with cropped hubby pants? EDITED with PIP

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    well, I give you credit, t wasn't until  checked the link that I realized you were a spammer and not just hopelessly inept in the clothing department.
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