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hems-bridesmaid dresses!

Hello there,
All my bridesmaid have different dresses but they are all short, however my maids heights range from 5'1" to 5'11".  I was planning on giving them a height above the knee (i.e. 2 inches from the top of the knee) to have it hemmed.  Does it make sense to do this?? Thanks!

Re: hems-bridesmaid dresses!

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    Not everyone is comfortable showing their knees, so I would make sure they are ok with that.
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    Eliz77Eliz77 member
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    I'm wondering what to do about hem length as well, except miy BM dresses will be tea-length. I asked my MOH to decide what height from the ground she'd prefer the dress to be and then all will get hemmed the same length (dresses are coming in as floor length). Personally, I think it looks neater when all dresses are hemmed at the same height from the ground rather than hit at the same place on the girls' legs...if that makes sense! 
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    She can't have all the dresses hemmed to the same height from the ground as there's a 10-inch difference from the tallest to the shortest.
    Megasaur, I would recommend doing just what you're planning and at or just slightly above the knee - it's the most flattering to most women.
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    Thank you so much!
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    Thanks , I decided to have them go a little above the knee, all their dresses already fell at different spots above the knee as it was!
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