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I purchased the San Patrick Ragazza dress for my wedding.  The sample size 8 dress was just a tad too small in the hips and the dress shop insisted that I couldn't lose weight to make it fit so I purchased the size 10 dress.  When my dress arrived it looked terrible.  In particular, there was bunching at the hip and the skirt was not tacked correctly.  The shop convinced me to take it to my seamstress and have her try to fix it.  After about four fittings, nothing had changed.  San Patrick refused to help me and even said that they didn't see anything wrong with the dress.  When I contacted their corporate headquarters they told me they just didn't have the time to get me a new dress and that they wanted to offer me 50% off a cocktail dress at their flagship store in NYC as compensation!!  Apparently they think very highly of themselves.  I know a lot of brides have no problem with Pronovias, but I think since my dress is complicated in terms of the cut and ruching, a higher level of quality control was necessary.  Clearly they don't offer that nor do they offer good customer service.  I am posting this in hopes that no bride will have to go through what I went through.


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    The bunching at the hip in the lower photo looks like it's due to poor fit, not poor construction. However, I could be wrong, as it's only a photo. Sorry to hear of your bad experience. Hopefully your seamstress can figure something out to alleviate the problems you're having with the dress.
    Praying for a miracle!
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    I might also suggest you go to a different seamstress.  Like PP said, it looks like the problem is more due to poor fit then poor construction.  So if your seamstress has not been able to fix the problem after 4 different fittings I think it is time to find someone else that may be more experienced with the style of your dress.

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    My wedding is already over so there's no fixing it now.  But the seamstress tried letting it in and taking it out so it wasn't a fit issue unfortunately.  
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    You could try asking Pronovias to reimburse you for the fees you paid to the tailor due to the fact that they did not try to help you with this problem, just a suggestion.
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