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When to do alteration?

I just called a seamstress to take my wedding dress in...i told her, my wedding is on May 26th, so she told me to bring in the dress next friday... i'm just wondering: isnt that not too early? That's still like 2.5 months away from the wedding day... just wondering? When are you doing your dress alteration?
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Re: When to do alteration?

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    I think I went for my first fitting in May and my wedding was in no, I don't think that is too early.

    It will take time for her to make the changes and then you will need to try it on again to see if any other adjustments will be needed and then she will need time to change that as well.

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    My wedding is October 20th and the seamstress that's doing it said to book the first appointment around the beginning of August.
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