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bridesmaid jewelry, what to pick?

So I'm letting the bridesmaids pick their own dresses but they all had to be "Marine" blue. I found really cute shoes for them to wear but I'm kind of stuck as to what jewelry I should give them to wear. I'm thinking maybe pearls? Or maybe just a simple er...well...Yeah I have no clue.

This is one of the dresses picked out, the other dresses are very close in style.

and the shoes I found. My colors are dark blue and white for the wedding so thats why I was thinking white heels.

Re: bridesmaid jewelry, what to pick?

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    With that type of neckline, I would skip a necklace and just do earrings/bracelet.

    I really, REALLY wouldn't do white shoes with that color dress.
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    ditto about the white shoes.. I don't really think that dress needs much I would just go with earrings. Maybe a bracelet but some people get annoyed wearing a bracelet..
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    Yeah, not too jazzed about the white shoes.  You should choose a color that they would be able to wear again.
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    No to the white shoes.  How about white flowers instead?  That would give a nice 'blue & white' look for your photos.

    Regarding jewelry, why not just let them pick their own?  I'll be honest, last summer I was in a wedding where the bride picked my dress, dictated my shoes, and my BM gift was the jewelry I was instructed to wear for the wedding.  I did it all without complaining because I love my friend, but I was not a happy camper.
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    Silver is fine with shoes and my bridesmaids were the ones that asked which shoes they should wear. Silver would look a lot better now that I'm looking.

    With the jewelry and the dress...none of the dresses are the same, the girls picked their own. I'll just look some more on my own and try to figure out something nice to give them.
    I'm not forcing any of my friends to wear anything they hate, or buy anything they could only wear once. I wouldn't like it so why would I make them do it? All the dresses are ones they LOVE and look AMAZING in and are all different. I want my friends to be just as beautiful as me and feel wonderful.
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    Jewelry's such a tiny detail that it won't have the coordinating look that you hope for, because it won't read in any pictures unless you're doing some weird extreme close-ups.  I'd just tell them to wear silver jewelry and let them pick their own.  No one cares about bridesmaid jewelry, and if they aren't the type to wear jewelry regularly, you're just buying them something for their junk drawer.
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