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When did you bring your wedding gown home??

I have my first fitting tonight & plan on scheduling all my other fittings tonight. (As the consultant told me when I tried my dress on when it first came in.)

My question is: When did you bring your dress home?

The consultant told me that most brides do it a few days before or some a week before.
I have no desire to wait until a few days or even a week before my wedding as the boutique is a good 45 mins from my home & I will be too busy so soon before the wedding to travel.
Steaming is not a problem as my mother has a steamer at home (& that's where I plan on bringing my dress anyways.) & I don't even know if the boutique steams for free anyways. (It's on my list of questions for tonight.)

Thanks for any thoughts!

Re: When did you bring your wedding gown home??

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    I picked mine up from alterations three days before my wedding, but I've heard of girls having their dress at home for months before the wedding.
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    I got mine at David's bridal so I actually had to bring it home 3 weeks after I bought it. Now that I started my fittings their alterations department has it. I will have to pick it up again a month before the wedding. I am keeping mine at my parents, but if you trust your groom you can bring it home at any time!
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    The only time I brought my dress home was 2 days before the wedding.  The bridal boutique I bought it from stored it for me until it was time to do alterations and then the alteration lady took it to her home where she did all the work.

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    After alterations were done and it was steamed?  I brought it home about a week before the wedding.  I just hung it back up in the closet and it was fine.  There were a few tiny wrinkles in my train, but it was on the under layers of fabric that you couldn't see anyways so I didn't mess with it.
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    Thanks for your input Ladies. I appreciate it greatly! My dress has been at the boutique since it came in in May. It made sense to just leave it there. The only alterations I will need are the bustle & a possible hem. I am hoping my crinoline & heels will eliminate the need for a hem. *fingers crossed* My dress has alot of rouching throughout so I am not too worried about wrinkles, so I think I will stick to my original desire of bringing it home 2 weeks before. Thanks!! :)
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    My wedding is in September.  I brought my gown home and it is at my parents.  I will take it back to them mid-August and they will keep it and complete the alterations until the first couple days of September. 
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    I haven't (yet) but I'm planning on doing that 2 weeks before the wedding.
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    I picked my dress up from the boutique 9 months before my wedding.  The alterations were finished 2 months before my wedding (none were size related, I had a corset) so then it came home again.  I brought it to the boutique to be steamed on Monday the week of the wedding and I brought it home on Wednesday.  So, I had it for 3 days in it's "final state" so to speak.
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    Just a bit of advice... not all wedding dresses can be steamed.  Charmeuse is one fabric that can't be steamed because it gets water stains.  Be sure to ask those questions before you try to steam a wedding dress yourself:) 
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    I picked up my gown the Tuesday before my wedding, which was that Friday. The salon pressed and packed the gown on a bodyform type hanger. It was wrapped so well it didn't move. PP gave good advice about steaming; be sure to ask your seamstress how to prepare your gown on the big day.
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    In Response to Re:When did you bring your wedding gown home??:[QUOTE]Just a bit of advice... not all wedding dresses can be steamed.nbsp; Charmeuse is one fabric that can't be steamed because it gets water stains.nbsp; Be sure to ask those questions before you try to steam a wedding dress yourself:nbsp; Posted by jesslynn1012[/QUOTE]

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    My dress is satin. It can be steamed.

    In any event I only need one more fitting as my dress really didn't need much for alterations.  So at my final fitting I will set the date to bring it home & they will steam the dress & veil for me free of charge.

    I was sooooo happy to put my dress on-- I didn't want to take it off!!
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