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Ok finally picked colors and dress....thoughts??!

Ok guys...we went today to find BM dresses:) I told my girls they were free to choose any style they wanted that fit their budget. As long as we stuck with short dresses and agreed on color scheme. So kinda of funny, all 4 girls wanted the exact same dress after trying on like 8 each:) making things very simple! My original thoughts for color were a sage-like green and coral. So-o pretty together (actually got the coral idea from someone on here:) Anyways...the only color of this dress available in stock to try on was called "Foliage" and as soon as the girls put it on my mind changed rite quick! Here is the link to the designers site if u want to look.....

that is the dress. Here is the dress on my MOH in the color we are using

Now, in person you can tell there is a hint of greenish to it....very pretty and i think with coral colored flowers or jewelery its going to look so pretty:)

Can anyone give me ideas to make the MOH stand out more??? Thanks!
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Re: Ok finally picked colors and dress....thoughts??!

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    I don't have any advice on your MOH dress but this dress is gorgeous! Congrats!
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    LOVE the dress!

    I think using the bouquet design to make the MOH "stand out" would be enough but ti's all about personal preference/taste.

    In some cases I'd say maybe a broach on the dress somewhere but not on this dress; I think it'd ruin the look!

    I think the coral accents will look lovely :)
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    My MOH is simply getting a more extravagent bouquet.  I didn't want her in a different color dress, or with a sash or anything, but her flowers will be bigger/fancier and will have crystal pins, like mine.
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    LOVE the dress - my maid of honor is wearing a statement necklace I bought for her it compliments the dress - the bridesmaids are wearing earings no necklace.
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    i love the dress, love the coral idea with the dress. maybe have the maid wear a slightly different hair ornament like a fascinator or something then the other gals
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    Yup, my MOH had a slightly bigger bouquet and also a flower in her hair to make her stand out.
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    I personally don't think the MOH needs to stand out. She is still a member of the BP and doesn't need special recognition that people are not going to notice.  If you want to give her a different/bigger bouquet, fine.  But your guests aren't going to notice any differences unless she is wearing a tiara and a sash that say "MAID OF HONOR"
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    well obviously i dont want to dye her hair green or anything crazy...but i chose her as my MOH for a was thinking jewelery or flowers to stand her out. nothing drastic but i think a little something would be nice. esp since she is a big part of the wedding and helping me out.
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