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Undergarments with Corset Dress

My wedding dress is a corset bodice and flowing ball gown.

I was going to get spanx-the high waisted panties.

How will i go to the bathroom if i wear these spanx?

I cant just pull the top down from my corset dress, ill have to completely re-lace the dress!

My dilemma is when the corset is laced up and tight there is a space between where my underwear sits and where the corset stops. so it feels odd.

Did you have this problem?
What did you wear under the dress?
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Re: Undergarments with Corset Dress

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    Spanx have a slit in the crotch so you can pee. 

    My dress has a corset and I'm only wearing underwear under the dress. It gives me plenty of smoothing with the corset and I didn't want to add extra layers as it's hot enough as it is. 
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