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Found it...but haven't tried it...

So, I recently got engaged (3 weeks ago) and have been looking around on the boards.  I was looking through the classifieds and foud a dress that I like...and it would be my size (I am a size 16/18) an I usually only see dresses for size 2-6...

Anyway, I haven't tried on any dresses would it be a bad idea to just order a dress that looks good...or should I at least try some on first to see what style and shape I like on me.

I just don't want ot lose out on a good deal!!
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Re: Found it...but haven't tried it...

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    Definitely try on dresses before buying them. I was in love with trumpet dresses and had my mind set on them.....and then i went dress shopping and realized that they were not as flattering on me as they were on the models. I ended up liking a-line and ballgowns the most on and bought an a-line.

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    Ditto, definitely see how styles look on your body first!  I didn't wind up with what I originally thought I would go with once I actually saw what fit me.
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    It's fun to try on dresses.  Even if you think you'll order online or from a pre-owned situation, I'd still recommend going to bridal salons and trying on gowns.  You can see what silhouettes you like best, and you also may end up changing your mind about what materials, embroidery, lace, rusching, etc, that you like on your body.  I didn't drastically change my mind, but I went with a trumpet style gown and I thought I had totally decided on A-line.  The dress I ended up getting had the lace I was looking for, and the Satin, and since I didn't like taffeta, I tried on one taffeta dress and it only confirmed my distaste for taffeta.  Have some fun during your shopping for a dress! 
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    Dresses on classifieds don't necessarily sell immediately, email the bride and let her know you're interested. And then try on dresses first before you buy anything.
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    Definitely try some on first and see what you like.  It's the little things on dresses that can totally change the shape.  
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    You never want to buy a dress, especially your wedding dress, without trying it on.  I fell for three different dresses in pictures, and none of them worked on me.
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    First, congrats on getting engaged!!!

    Second, these ladies are so may completely dislike the way it looks on you. If it's a recent dress, see if you can find a bridal salon that carries the sample. That way you can see it/try it on in person, then if you still love it buy the preowned one. Even if not, you can try on similar silhouettes. Just because you aren't the size 2-6 that you usually see doesn't mean that you will never find another dress in your size that you like!! Plus, when else does a girl get the excuse for trying on lots of pretty dresses that cost a lot of money? :)
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    I wish I could help you because I am in the same situation. I am a plus size bride and the dress I love is not available in my size, but I did try on dresses that is shaped similar, so I'm gonna order the dress, but I am very nervous about it.
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