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Bridal shop--prices over the phone

I think I expected this, but I called a bridal shop, which is really the closest that I could find (an hour away) and they won't give me a price for BM dress (one) over the phone.  I think I knew that places don't.  How frustrating though.  I just can't find a price for them anywhere.
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Re: Bridal shop--prices over the phone

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    Google it.  Sometimes you can at least find a range on the internet that someone else has posted.
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    Try Pearl's Place and they will give you the best prices.
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    Thanks, guys, good idea!   I mean, I get why they wouldn't give me the price over the phone, but I still think if someone has one dress they can let you know.
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  • Options will quote you a price too so you have a general idea
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    RK Bridal will quote over the phone too and they have a price match guarantee
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    I was afraid of running into this when I was phoning around, but the 3 places i did end up phoning (who had the dress we were looking for available as a sample to try on) actually COULD give me the price. but i wasn't expecting that!
    so some places might.
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