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I love the dress, maybe

I found THE dress, until I looked at the picture.  Now the picture makes the dress look beautiful, but IMO you can see my pudgy belly.  Now at the shop I didn't notice it and I almost cried when I looked at myself with it on.  FYI my FMIL gasped and teared up too!  But now I look at the picture and I hate the way I look.  Is that normal?

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Re: I love the dress, maybe

  • Generally that's not the most flattering angle to have your photo taken from, but I don't see any pudge.  Go put the dress back on and get some pictures at regular angles and remember how beautiful you feel in it.
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  • yea...that is a bad angle to take a photo.  maybe thats whats throwing you off.  go back and try it again!
  • I agree with pp's. I am sure it looks very beautiful on you in person. A lot of ladies have that pudge in their belly. I know I do. There are always shapers or Spanx to help deal with that. Don't worry, everything will be just fine.
  • agree with PP. It is a pretty dress!
  • It is a pretty dress and maybe if you had spanx slip or something on it'd even you out!!  
  • That's a bad angle, and even if you do have some issues there, a support garment should fix them.

    If it truly does concern you, you could look for a gown with similar detailing, but a straight-across waistband that falls at your natural waist. That would cinch you in instead of accentuating any problem areas.
  • I agree about the angle. I think you should go back and take a proper picture if you are worried about it!
  • The dress looks very pretty! I agree with PP though, its not a good angle at all. I ordered some yummie tummie shapewear to hold in my pudge- no shame in that! LOL
  • It's funny, I just posted about the same issue!  In the store, I love my dress.  When I get home and look at pictures, I start doubting it!  I'm just going to go with it.  Go to the store and try it on again.  You can take more pictures, but in my experience it still looks "blah" with more attempts at pictures.  I guess the makeup, accessories, good lighting, and photography help on the wedding day.  The bridal salons have horrible lighting.  If when you look in the mirror from multiple angles, it still looks amazing and feels right, buy the dress!  Laughing

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