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White tuxedo?

So, as my fh were browsing tuxedo shops, we really liked the look of the white tuxes and I thought he'd look very nice in one with our colors being black, red, and white. He was for the idea until last night when he got the idea that it would take away from me and my dress because it's "my day" or so he says. My question is... If he wears a white tuxedo, do the groomsmen wear white as well and would his white tux distract from me?
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Re: White tuxedo?

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    The GM don't have to wear the same color tux as the groom. I was at a wedding just last year where the groom wore a white tux, and the GM wore black (all wore the same color vest/black shoes.)

    Personally, I think white tuxes look rather dated. However, if that's what you want to do, I don't think it will distract at all from your gown. I've never been less impressed by a bride's gown simply because the groom was in a white tux.
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    The groom and the gm do not have to wear the same color tux. My FI wants to wear a white dinner jacket with his tux instead of a black tux (what Brad Pitt wore to the opera in Inglorious Bastards) while his gm wear a black tux. This is a vintage look that was popular in the 40's, 50's and 60's so I don't know if it will fit with the theme of your wedding but this fits the vintage look of my dress so it works for us.
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    No, the groomsmen don't have to wear white if the groom does.

    As for the look of white tuxes, I'm torn.  Knottie Buttaflai's H wore one and it looked really good.  I think it depends.  (I actually have a picture from her wedding in my bio under Wedding Party Must-take Photos.)
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    Well I'm glad you came to a decison that you feel good about, however your right it is both you and your FI's special day. He should get to go all out too, but only if he wants too. My FI is wearing a white  tux, with a 3/4 length jacket and tails, with a red cumberbun and a top hat to boot! I even tried talking him into a cane, but he didn't want it. Anyways my point is you should both wear what you want and it sounds like you are!
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