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navy blue and black?

i wanted navy blue/ivory bridesmaids dresses and tuxes for my wedding. will the blue and black clash?

Re: navy blue and black?

  • Navy and black can definitely work together if co-ordinated well. Do a Google images search and you'll find many examples of navy and black wedding parties.

    However, in your post you don't mention using black anywhere, so I'm a little confused about where the black would come into play.


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  • twilight - i'm assuming the guys tuxes will be that correct, OP?

    navy and black are fine!
  • Navy & black are fine... my BM dresses are navy & the GM tuxes are black w/navy vests & tie.
  • Nope, it looks really sharp-- that's my plan for my wedding!
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  • It will look great! My BM's dresses are a shade between navy/royal with light ivory in them. The GM's tuxes are black with grey vests, etc.. it looks really nice.
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