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Can another shoe freak help me out?

I have fallen in love with the Randee shoe by Badgley Mischka in blush/peach. Unfortunately, the heel is a little tall (5 inches) for our outdoor venue... I don't wanna sink! Does anybody know of a comparable shoe with maybe a 3.5 or so inch heel instead of these? I love the ruffle/floral look it has, and I love the color.

Here's an image:

Re: Can another shoe freak help me out?

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    check there are also things that you can put on the bottom of your heels so that you wouldnt sink
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    I don't really know of something similar but just wanted to share my love for those shoes - I am in LOVE with them!  I have been trying not to break down and buy them... really can't afford them but they are soooo gorgeous!
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    Those are some nice shoes!  I agree with some of the others, check out  They have a lot of different shoes.  I actually found a pair on endless that I like, but ended up finding some exactly like them at Off Broadway Shoes cheaper.  It's not the same designer of course.  Off Broadway Shoes has a wide variety of styles and colors. 

    Here's a link to a pair I found on endless that are somewhat simialr to what you found.,B002N6ZJE6,B00295S09W,B002RWKKGI,B002N6ZEG4,B002HEWOTM,B0019TOTK8,B002LZUR8C,B001FB611U,B002IY1VNG,B002OECU0S,B002ZLQ7NG,B002JCSYFU,B002HEWPDM,B002PEWBCE,B002FGU73C,B002RWKG80,B002P3M1PC,B002J9H3XC,B002BCECSQ,B003783KCC,B002TKKDME,B0030GY41C,B002VEDALE,B002UKPZMQ,B001J53QWO,B002KT2M5U,B0027SRVSM,B002KW5CS6,B002FQ2ZOQ,B0029NYSGI,B002T444MA,B002QB0UPG,B002L3EWR6,B0032AMWDI,B002R8A15W,B002AMW6FS,B003BHY4Z6,B001IV5EII,B002GYWV0K&asinTitle=Luichiny%20Gim%20Me%20Sandal&contextTitle=search%20results&page=2&size=40&page=2&node=242334011&nodes=242334011&sort=shoesbrowserel2&colors=519125011

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    go to zappos and at least try them on before you write them off as impossible. I fell in love with a design by stuart weitzman. I nearly talked myself out of them: too expensive, too high, not appropriate for an outdoor ceremony...etc. I ordered them one night with every intention of sending them back after I had satisfied my urge and purchase something more practical. What actually happened? They were PERFECT. I spend the entire morning dancing around in them, feeling like a princess.
    For a 4in heel, they were extremely comfortable and I purchased some nice lil tricks to keep the heels from sinking in. I also tried them on with my dress, PERFECT. Go to zappos and at least try them on. You can return them a full year later for a full refund if it's not love.
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