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XP Flower girl dress?

My dress is ivory and mostly satin, with some tule (sp?)/lace peakabooing underneath. The bridesmaid dresses are David's Bridal in the lapis color in the chiffon fabric.

I would like the FG dress to be a dark purple to match this or maybe a light purple to contrast. She is my cousin, so I'm talking with my aunt about what to do. Aunt suggested this dress from DB in lapis:

My only issue is that it's satin, which yes matches my fabric but looks way different than the chiffon the BM will wear. So I was trying to find something more chiffon-like for the FG. But of course that will be hard to get a good color match. What do you think of the dress Aunt suggested?

The other option is to just put her in ivory to match me instead of the BMs. In that case I could easily find a little mini-bride type dress at DB. What would you guys do? Thanks for the help!

Re: XP Flower girl dress?

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    I have my FGs in white dresses with blue sash. My dress is also white with a blue sash. My BMs are wearing blue dresses. I'd say put the FGs in ivory dresses.
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    I think any of the option you've mentioned would be lovely.  If you do have her wear ivory, you can easily incorporate shades of purple in a sash and hair accessories.
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