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Wedding band for a heart engagement ring

Hey all!
Looking for a band to go with my heart e ring.
Here is what it looks like. It is simple and i would like to keep that theme but i would like some diamonds. I was thinking something with a vintage feel to it but nothing seemed to line up right. Most of the ones i tried had an etching or something on the sides. Should I go with something like this??
I'm just looking for some ideas!
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Re: Wedding band for a heart engagement ring

  • I have a heart shaped e-ring too :-)  For the wedding band, I just used a slim gold band, I think it was 2 mm.  It lines up nicely with the e-ring.  I had them soldered together so now it's like one ring.  I think that band you showed is really pretty...

    You should try it on at a place with a jewelry counter so you can see what it looks like...that is what I did. Hope that helps :-)
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    You can usually find simple bands that have a sort of "knick" in them which would fit well for that shape.. But also consider that you don't HAVE to have your e-ring/wedding band worn together or on the same hand. (just in case you can't find anything you love) 
  • I love this for a simple solitaire.
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  • I think the one you found looks beautiful!  Have you tried them on together to make sure you like the look?  Also, ditto PP on considering wearing your e-ring on a different finger/hand if need be.  I am considering that myself.  Good luck with your choice!  Oh, and your e-ring is very sweet.  :)
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  • Thanks for all the input ladies! I really appreciate it. I have actually tried them on together. That is what I will probably get just looking for some FI can only look at so many with me before he's over it! haha Thanks for the compliment on my e-ring. It really fits my personality and I LOVE hearts! :)
  • Thanks for the enhancer idea! Going to look today, I will definitely check those out! :)
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