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Maggie Sottero Marion Dress

Ok... I have done the unthinkable and fell in love with a wedding dress without realizing I couldn't afford it!! I've tried to forget about it and just keep looking but I can't get this dress out of my head! I'm looking to see if anyone has this dress used or un-used in a size 4 (or possibly could even do a 6) to sell.  Also, I didn't know if anyone knew of a reputable place to find it cheaper than retail price.  Thanks for the help!! :)

Re: Maggie Sottero Marion Dress

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    I see you posted this in April and did not get any response.  My daugher has also fell in love with this dress.  We can't even find a place that carries it to try it on.  Any feedback?
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    I have recently bought this dress... I get fitted in late June... I will post pictures as soon as I have it!
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    I am also trying to find a store that has this dress. I've called about 30 stores in the Metro Detroit area that carry the designer, but none have the Marion dress. Any advice on where I can find this dress to try on?
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    The store I bought it at didn't carry that specific dress anymore, since it was a spring 2011 dress... But I tried on other Maggie dressed of the same material, corset backing, and cut... Nothing compared to the dress in the pictures I was in love with so I just ordered it without trying it on. Due to the corset backing (meaning less alterations in the bodice) and the amazing quality of Maggie's dresses I felt comfortable enough to purchase te Marion blindly. I knew once I saw the Marion online no dress would compare!
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    look in to the manufucture in china like jasminebridal or dresylyme to make you a replica one for under 600$, they will do a good job

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    Kleinfleds in New York carries this dress, I purchased it  there in August.
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