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Bridal shop took my dress in too much.... help!

I bought my dress a year ago from Brides By Demetrios.  It finally came in in February.  I tried it on and examined it.  The dress looked great but was a little too big.  I had my first dress fitting two weeks ago to have the dress taken in to fit, hemmed, and a bustled added.  I just went back for my second dress fitting yesterday.  It was a nightmare... I couldn't button it or zip it up.  When the seamstress finally got it zipped, I couldn't breathe and my ribs hurt for half an hour after I took the dress off.  I know that I have not gained weight in the last two weeks.  I have been the same weight for a year.  I am between a size two and four and you can see some of my ribs.  Therefore, I cannot lost any more weight or I would look sick at my wedding... plus, I cannot make my ribcage smaller.  The seamstress at the bridal shop took my dress in too much.  Now she says.. "oh we will just let it out a little again"  I am afraid that you will be able to see small holes from where she stitched it too small because my dress is fairly simple and taffeta.  They tell me that the holes will disappear when the steam and press it.  I don't believe them. 

Has anyone had their dress let out before?  Could you tell?  My alterations were really expensive and I am afraid that they have ruined my dress.

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