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I am wearing Oleg Cassini's CWG377 from DB.  I love it.  It's everything I wanted: classic, romantic, timeless yet modern, etc.  I bought it in ivory (which is what I'm wearing in the picture) and the threads for all the details (there are little flowers all over it- the picture doesn't do much justice) is a cross between gold and ivory- not quite ivory.

(ignore the face, I didn't realize pictures were being taken at the moment)

In my family, it's tradition to wear a double strand of pearls on your wedding day.  My great-great grandmother, great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother all wore them.  It's my turn now, and my mum told me that she only did it to appease her mother, and that my grandmother already told my mum (before dress shopping) that I could just incorporate the pearls in some other way (like wrapping around my bouquet handle) because she thinks pearls are dated (what the hell?  pearls are classic!)

Anyway, I've been looking forward to the pearls since I was a kid.  My mum offered to let me borrow them to wear to various important events and I've withheld (even though I really wanted to say yes!) because I wanted to wait until my wedding day.

Okay that was my long, drawn out story that basically leads to this question: would a double strand of antiqued pearls (they are the creamy-white colour, not the stark white) work with my dress?  I know I should do whatever I want (wear them!), but I don't want people questioning why I chose to wear them.  No one will be offended if I don't.

In the pictures online, the model is only wearing earrings.
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