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Should I wear purple shoes with my wedding gown?I think they are so beautiful and make really cool shots. But I dont want to look unclassy.  Help!!!!


  • Color shoes are a new fad for brides.  If you like the pop of color then I say go for it.  
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  • I wanted purple shoes, but I had to have flats, and couldn't find any.  But MAN did I want them!
  • I think its a fun idea!!! I might get a colored pair to wear for the reception. Down the aisle I'm sticking with white because the bottom and train of my dress is very fine lace and I don't want anything to stand out TOO much... so you could always do that too!

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    [QUOTE]I wanted purple shoes, but I had to have flats, and couldn't find any.  But MAN did I want them!
    Posted by AmoroAgain[/QUOTE]

    ^^This is totally me, too. I searched for months, and then I was two days away from my first fitting, so I gave in and got white shoes... :(
  • I bought white shoes, but loved all of the pictures I was seeing with brides and colored shoes.  I returned my white shoes and bought purple ones and do not regret it.  Here is a picture of them.  I bought them from dsw,com and most of the reviews for the shoes came from brides!
  • I am wearing purple. It is not unclassy. Think of it as fun!
  • I'm wearing hot pink shoes just like my girls dresses. I can't wait to wear them. White wasn't even an option for me. lol
  • Cute- what brand are these?  thanks!
  • I'm also wearing purple shoes, so I say go for it!  :-)
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