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Hair/Veil Combo Poll

Hello ladies!  I have 2 hairstyles that I like and 2 veils that I like and am trying to figure out which combo is best.  Wanna help?  :)

Hairstyle 1:

Hairstyle 2:

Veil 1:

Veil 2:

And, for good measure, here's a picture of my dress.  

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Re: Hair/Veil Combo Poll

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    I really like hairstyle 2 (and really dislike hairstyle 1).  I'm not wild about either veil, but I think number 1 is better.
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    Hairstyle 1 looks too messy to me.  I really don't think veil two goes with your dress, though the idea is cute.

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    I like the second hairstyle much more than the first! 
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    I love the 2nd hairstyle, don't really care for the first.  I love the first veil, I think the floral attachment on the 2nd one looks odd and isn't nearly as pretty.  Unique veil, though!
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    I LOVE hair #2. I don't like either veil with that dress, I'd go with something more traditional and lace-y, but I like veil 1 better than 2 if that's what you're deciding between.
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    For some weird reason, I couldn't go to either of the hairstyle links.

    But I love both of those veils.  With that being said, I think PPs are right, and the first veil goes better with your dress.  They're both interesting though.  

    and I LOVE your dress.  Gorgeous!

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    Thank you so much for all of the feedback ladies!  I had been kind of leaning toward hair two with veil one and this served as confirmation for me.  :)  I tend to have a bit of Bohemian flair to my everyday style which is why I'm gravitating toward a unique veil to off-set my more traditional dress.  I love the styles from the 20s, 30s, and 40s and thought the modernized take on the Juliet cap would be a perfect fit for me.  

    And thanks for the comments on my dress.  I'm pretty much in love with it.  :)  So excited for my actual dress to arrive!  (Should be in a week or two.... Almost here!)
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