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Pronovias Dehesa or Delicia, anyone?

Hi y'all!  Just wondering if any brides have worn the Pronovias Dehesa or Delicia gowns:

I love them both!  And in case you're a former Pronovias bride, I'm also interested in these: 

From the 2012 Fashion Collection:
- Famosa

From the 2012 Manuel Mota Collection:
- Elma

From the 2013 Fashion Collection:
- Darsena
- Dehesa
- Deva

Thoughts?? :)

Re: Pronovias Dehesa or Delicia, anyone?

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    Love both the Delicia (more conservative) & Deva (more sexy)!!
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    edited July 2012
    They are both gorgeous!! The beading of the second link makes it more glamorous and special. But there is an elegance to the Delicia. The first one is very clean, simple, and elegant. 

    The famosa looks very...Grecian Goddess. It's a beautiful gown, with a very particular "feel"

    The Elma has some gorgeous detailing! The sleeve slits take on a whole new feels wiith the delicate lace and knot in the front bodice. Really a unique gown. :)

    I think the Darcina isn't as "special" as the others. 

    I'm wearing the Pronovias Pergola myself. (a ball gown with tulle and lace)
    I love every one of their dresses. I don't think you could go wrong. :)

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    The Delicia is so so so so so so so pretty. It is so elegant and classic.
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