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one shoulder dress

I Like a one shoulder dress for my bridesmaids, but I am concerned that it will photograph weird. Any experience or thoughts?

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    I don't know if it matters to you but I think it'll be a style that won't look "timeless," more "trendy" instead in years to come.

    If you like it, though, you should go for it.
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    I have a one shoulder dress I've been photographed in several times. It looks fine.
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    Here is a one shoulder bridesmaid dress.  Have you thought it look weird?

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    If the dress is flattering then that's really all that matters.
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    LOL, I got a one shoulder wedding dress.  Trendy, yes, but people will know when I got married. 
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    my maid of honor is wearing a one shoulder dress, diff from the rest strapless dresses.  ive taken pics of her in the stores and it looks fine.  i have her pose so u see either the whole dress or have her face where the shoulder part is showing so u dont lose the whole look of the dress. Go for it!
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