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Bridesmaids dresses online?

Hello all! 
My bridesmaid are scattered all over Canada and Michigan, so I wanted to be able to give them the luxury of just ordering their dresses online, since I know it is difficult to run around looking/sizing. 
I am not picky, but I was wondering what are some REPUTABLE dress sites for me to pick one from? I so scared of ordering from one of those crazy knockoff sites where people receive the dress in less than desirable condition


Re: Bridesmaids dresses online?

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    It's difficult to find one place to get all your BM dresses when they are scattered, not just across state lines, but countries as well.

    I don't know if you've decided on a color for the BM dresses, but something I did (because of location and age differences) was tell the BM to just find a flattering black dress. The length didn't matter, but for August they chose short dresses.

    They were all different, but each of the BM were happy with their choices and will wear them again.

    My MOH (daughter) and one of my BM (step-daughter) found their dresses at Lord & Taylor and Macy' friends found their own online or in stores.

    If you give your BM a specific color family, it might be easier on all of them.
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