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MOG dress?

So I found this dress on eBay, in my size, from a seller with a 100% positive rating. And I'm wondering whether it would be appropriate for me to wear to my son's wedding. The bride says she does not plan to get the mothers to coordinate or be in specific colors. A few specific questions:

1. It will be a late afternoon wedding, with women generally wearing tea length or knee length dresses. This one is kind of knee length at the front, and full length at the back. Would it be too formal?
2. Is the neckline/color too sexy for a MOG?
3. Any other comments?

If I haven't mentioned this before, I am extremely fashion-impaired. I will be getting this dress for other occasions, even if it won't work for the wedding, but I'm just trying to figure out whether it is wedding-appropriate.

Re: MOG dress?

  • Well I love the look of it.   I think it will really depend on how you feel when you have it on.  If you're admitting to fashion-impairment it may be hard for you to tell from a photo how it will look on.  Get it and see how you feel then.  As you said, you'll have it for other occasions.
  • If you love it then you should wear it! I think it looks fabulous so if you feel good/comfortable in the dress then I think its appropriate to wear to a wedding.

  • I really like it if you can pull off the color (I can't do red).  If you're unsure  I would show the bride-to-be & see what she says.
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    I think the uneven bottom (short front, long back) is a great way to keep the dress from looking "too sexy."  The top on this dress is beautiful.  I don't think it's too formal.  It has a little bit of fun to it.  Plus, the MOG should feel beautiful too! 
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  • I think the dress cut / shape / style is beautiful.  However, I find the color too bold. Maybe I'm conservative, but I think showing up to a wedding in a bright red dress is inappropriate.  While not outright wrong, it just shows a lack of consideration that you don't need to be the center of attention that day.  If you could soften it some (magenta or plum instead of bright red), or get it in an entirely different shade (gray-blue), that might be appreciated.  What are the wedding colors?   Can you choose something complimentary?
  • I like it, but when in doubt ask the bride.  She might be OK with you wearing a red dress, but she might not.  Does it come in other colors?
  • Hi 2dbride!

    I love it, and if you love it, then go for it! IMO, I'd probably try to find a shrug or bolero to wear during the ceremony, but it's not necessary.
  • Ok, I finally decided to send that dress plus a plainer one to FDIL. She would prefer me to get the plainer one. However, I'll still have that one for other occasions.
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    [QUOTE]Ok, I finally decided to send that dress plus a plainer one to FDIL. She would prefer me to get the plainer one. However, I'll still have that one for other occasions.
    Posted by 2dBride[/QUOTE]

    It's good that you asked her.  But it amazes me that people would tell a grown woman what to wear.  I would expect her to say "wear whatever makes you comfortable or happy." 

    Regardless though, I'm glad you got your answer.
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  • I am glad that you figured everything out but I am definitely with DNBeach. It will be a cold day in hell before I tell my FMIL (or any adult) what to wear to my wedding or any other occasion. I do love the dress, though, and am happy that you are buying it to wear to other events.
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