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Can you name this shoe designer??

Hey ladies... I need your help! So I'm obsessed with looking at photographer blogs and was doing just that recently when I came across this photo:

I would really really like to know the shoe designer but can't read what's printed there. I've tried zooming in on the photo but it just gets blurry :( The thing it, those shoes match my dress and jewelry I've picked out perfectly!! So I thought maybe someone on this board who is familiar with shoe designers might recognize them or be able to read the designer name that's printed. Anyways, it's worth a shot! TIA!
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Re: Can you name this shoe designer??

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    I believe the label inside says "Michaelangelo".. I did a search on Google and it appears David's Bridal carries this line.  I didn't see them on the site, but you could always take this picture to them and ask or you may have better luck searching online. :)    Good Luck!
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    Aw, did you get engaged in NOLA?  Great siggy pic!

    Sorry- no help on the shoes :O)
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    Sapphire1002 - Thank you, that's a big help!

    hz80408 - yes I did! we live just outside the city. Thanks!! :)
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