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Does It Have to be Full Length?

I'm having a winter wedding and my bridesmaid told me she expected to wear a full lenth dress due to the season.  But... I'm buying a plain-er style dress and think that if she wears a full length dress as well she's going to look just as dressed-up as me.  I don't want her to freeze in the Michigan weather but I was thinking something between full length and past the knee.

Thoughts ladies?

Re: Does It Have to be Full Length?

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    Are you having an outdoor wedding?
    If not, I don't see the issue.
    If it's an evening wedding, I would consider a tea-length gown.. That's what we did because I didn't want SUPER formal.. 

     < I think that would be MORE than appropriate. You don't HAVE to let the season dictate your colors, style, etc. 
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    It is an indoor wedding, love your picture - I'm doing the same color! LOL
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    yeah, then I seriously wouldn't worry about it. It's YOUR wedding and YOUR vision. I think if you WANT floor-length for your girls you can find simple ones so you aren't "upstaged" if that's your concern, but tea-length is more than appropriate, even for a winter wedding indoors. 
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    They can wear whatever length dress that you want that they are comfortable in, regardless of the season.  Tea-length is a great compromise, if you are both on board with that.

    If she has her heart set on a long dress it's not such a big deal - you are the bride, you will be in white (presumably? you haven't said otherwise) and she will be in a colour.  Your guests will know who the bride is.  Don't fret, go for it!
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    You can still have them wear a full length dress without upstaging you.  If your gown is simple then chose a simple style dress for them as well.  As for the season issue, any length dress is fine at any time of year, just pick what is most comfortable for your girls...and I know you said something about the cold Michigan weather but if everything is taking place indoors then what does it matter what length they are in.

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    I've gotta admit, I'm a bridesmaid for a small winter wedding next week. I WANTED a shorter-than-floor-length. Why? Because I don't want that dress dragging in the mud/water/snow/dirt that winter always brings during our travels to the venue and back. Having a sopping wet hem seems far more uncomfortable than some sligtly bare legs.

    And all eyes are on the bride, don't worry about full length simply for the "upstaging" reason. You will shine the brightest all day with a happy just married glow :)
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    If it's an outdoor wedding, it might be nice to let them wear long dresses so they can wear leggings underneath and not freeze.  But otherwise pick whatever dresses you like!  Unless they are wearing a long white gown and a veil it will be clear who the bride is :)

    I've seen pictures of an all-white bridal party (bridesmaids in floor-length white dresses with no train) and even then it was clear who the bride was because of the veil.  So I don't think that's anything to worry about!
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