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Hello, I just wanted to warn other brides about a site I recently ordered my wedding dress from. DO NOT GET A DRESS FROM!!!!
I actually should have know better than to order a dress online but I was trying to save money and I am usually not a picky person but my dress was awful! It does not look like the picture, it is covered in beading and sequins not show in the picture or in the written description. The sewing is bad and the sizing is weird. I ordered a 4 and thought I may have it altered here and there but its to messed up to even fix!! I emailed them about because they have NO PHONE CONTACT (wonder why??) they got back to me a day later and said I couldn't return the dress because it had been longer than 3 days it was 5 days! They would not acknowledge any other emails about the fact that the dress was incorrectly sized and not what was pictured when I purchased it!!  Please do not waste your money!!! It is a cheap, cheap, cheap scam, learn from my mistake!


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    I would suggest leaving a general review so when knotties or people google and come upon this website, they can read your bad review
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    I also bought through but I actually had a really wonderful experience...

     I used to be a seamstress, so I'm very picky about clothing construction and I ordered my first dress from them for my ceremony as a tester since it was the cheaper of the two I liked. And when it came in the mail and was beautiful and I loved it I ordered a second that I'm wearing at the reception. I think they're in China, so that might explain the lack of customer service thing, but I just wanted to throw it out there that I didn't have quite the same experience as you did, so maybe it's the exception and not the rule. I hope it all works out for the best and that you end up with your dream dress, it sucks that the mail order thing didn't work out for you. 
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