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Bridesmaid Dresses - Length alterations for tea length dresses

Hi - My bridesmaids range from 5'0'' to 5'7'' and they are wearing tea length dresss.  (this one in french blue

How do I alter the length?  My mom would say they should be the exact same length off the floor. That would make it pretty long on the tall MOH and pretty short on my fiance's sisters.  Or should I just do it so it hits everyone at the same place on the knee?  I could also line them up tallest to shortest since the MOH is the tallest?

Help?  thank you!!!

Re: Bridesmaid Dresses - Length alterations for tea length dresses

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    Could each girl bring their dress to get altered and ask the tailor to make it the appropriate length for them? 
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    A tea-length dress is any dress that falls between the ankle and the knee. You should decide where you want the dress to fall on your bridesmaids(my suggestion, have the girls try on the dresses in their size, assuming all are below the knee that the length of the shortest fall.. you can shorten dresses but not make them longer)

    My Bridesmaids are also wearing tea-length dresses, fall about 3 inches below the knee :-)
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    Great advice everyone!  I really appreciate your help! My BMs can't all go to the same place for alternations because of where they all live but I can tell them to have it altered to mid-calf or a number of inches below the knee. 

    I did find some posts on another website that agreed with my mom - you take the length off the floor of the tallest or shortest girl and alter them all to match but I don't think I would like that look! 

    thanks all!
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    I've worked in bridal for about 10 years so this is the rule of thumb.  You want the dresses to hit the girls at the same spot on their body- general rule for tea length dresses is 1- 1.5 inches below their knee.  Even thougth the distance from the floor won't be even, each girl's dress will be.  You don't have to worry about lining them up tallest to shortest (unless that is something that you want) Make sure when the dresses are being altered that the side seams are pinned first since that wiill make a difference as to where the hem falls on the girls!!!

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