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Mermaid... dance and restroom breaks?

I found a gown I absolutely love.  But didn't want to rush the "yes", so I went home to think it over for the weekend.
It's Allure style 8809
I loved the way I felt/looked in it.  But the more I think about it... I have some questions.
1. Will I be able to dance easily?
I walked around in it, I could walk easily but my steps were probably about half the size as my normal ones.
2. Is going to the bathroom going to be a nightmare?
with it being so snug around my bum, hips and etc.  I don't think I'll be able to just hike it up.  It's a corset back, so I'd have to be completely undone every time.

Has anyone had a similar dress and knowledge of these couple of questions?
P.s. The dress fit me darn near perfect and I did sit down... It would take some getting used to but wasn't that difficult.

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