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Has anyone ever hear of this site?
It seems like they have super good deals on their site, but I'm a little sketched out by the website itself! Wanted to know if it was a legit operation..

What do you guys think?


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    Just from seeing the Maggie dresses I think they are knockoffs.  Maggie's have a set bottom price and no authorized retailer can drop below and these dresses are definitely below that price.  

    Try sites like Jay's Bridal (that's where I ordered from), Pearl's Place, Netbride, or RK Bridal.  They are the sites usually recommended here on TK by other brides.
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    Ordered from this site and although it took about 2 weeks longer than we planned the dress actually turned out beautiful and fit pretty well.  Weddings and wedding dresses are so crazy expensive, I cannot believe people pay what they do for dresses.  I was scared about doing it, but my dress is not where I wanted to spend the bulk of my money.  Just keep records of everything you do online.
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