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Dress Dilemma

I bought this really cute dress from the thrift store for 40 $ after hearing davids or another local was donating. I am tall, and have a long torso. I get the dress on, and the top part is beaded (looks like a corset but is not) it cuts me at the widest part of my waist (more like mid ribs a few inches under bust) and its totally unflattering. ( i look like im hiding a baby bump )  I want to keep it, but was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to alter it so it would be a litte more flattering...  I dont know if its even possible to take the bulk out of it the lower part( remove it from where the top beading part meets the "skirt" portion)... 

the bottom has a ton of beading and idk if cutting the bulk out of the top will mean you have to cut the bottom too? 

 was thinking maybe could use the extra fabric to make a shrug since the wedding is in nov... but I really dont want to shell out the $ for a science experiment. 

I plan on loosing weight before the wedding so, i'll need SOME altering in the bust likely, but i dont know what to do about the rest, any help is greatly appreciated... 
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